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Phuket Rental Market Remains Strong in July

Updated: Sep 29

The rental market in Phuket remains strong in July, with demand continuing to outweigh supply. This is due to many factors, including the continued recovery of the tourism industry, the influx of foreign investors, and the rising popularity of Phuket as a retirement destination.

The most in-demand areas

The most in-demand areas for rentals in Phuket are:

  • Patong: This is the most popular tourist destination in Phuket, and it offers a wide range of amenities, including beaches, restaurants, bars, and shops. Patong Phuket

  • Karon: This is a quieter alternative to Patong, and it has a beautiful beach and a number of resorts and condos. Karon Phuket

  • Kata: This is another popular beach destination, and it offers a variety of accommodation options, from budget-friendly guesthouses to luxury villas. Kata Phuket

  • Phuket Town: This is the capital of Phuket, and it has a more traditional Thai atmosphere. Phuket Town

  • Chalong: This is a more laid-back area, and it is popular with families and expats. Chalong Phuket

Rental prices

Rental prices in Phuket vary depending on the area and the property size. However, you can generally expect to pay around THB 15,000-THB 50,000 per month for a popular condominium in a popular area.

Tips for renting a property in Phuket

If you are planning to rent a property in Phuket, here are a few tips:

  • Start your search early. The rental market in Phuket is competitive, so it is important to start your search early to get the best deal.

  • Be prepared to negotiate. The listed rental prices are just a starting point; you should be prepared to negotiate with the landlord.

  • Get everything in writing. Once you have agreed on a rental price, get everything in writing, including the lease terms.

The outlook for the rental market

The rental market in Phuket is expected to remain strong in the coming months as the tourism industry continues to recover and the island becomes an increasingly popular destination for foreign investors and retirees. If you want a place to rent in Phuket, now is an excellent time to start your search.

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